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The Gifts of Health, Recovery, Connection, Safety & Hope

Dear Friends of CPC, 

This holiday season you can give the gift of health, recovery, connection, safety and hope

You have an opportunity to do something truly special to help our neighbors in need. The short stories we share here, illustrate how your donation can improve lives and help people facing mental health & addiction challenges get better. Your gift will immediately help those in our community with the greatest need. 

We welcome your guidance on where to direct your gift so that it benefits CPC in a way that is close to your heart. Here are the opportunities to help: 

  • mental health programs that address the need of the whole person

  • safety-net services such as temporary housing and transportation to counseling & doctor appointments

  • high-cost medications

  • special programming for children attending CPC’s High Point School

  • emergency assistance for things like gift cards for warm coats, self-care items, and food for the holidays

Thank you for considering CPC this giving season. We wish you and your family a most peaceful holiday and happy new year.


Vera                  Don

Vera Sansone                        Donald C. Glaser

President & CEO                  CPC Foundation, Board Chair


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