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A Rewarding Career Where Her Heart Resides

Nivi was a successful tax accountant working for one of the “Big Four” (the four largest professional global accounting services networks) when her realization that a new career path was in order. With a master's degree in accounting, and a keen self-awareness for a new professional horizon, Nivi’s unconventional path to becoming a Social Worker made all the sense in the world.

“I was in this accounting profession where all around me--not only those I encountered in my career, but in the news both locally and globally, I saw mental illness, and substance use disorder so prevalent throughout. It was a recurring theme that seemed to point in me in a new direction. I was captivated by the idea that so many people needed support. And the diversity too--it was a cross-section of the population--all backgrounds, occupations, and experiences, yet so many who struggled were not getting the help they needed. I saw this as a problem that needed to be solved and I knew I wanted to be a part of helping to do so. To help remove the stigma and to also play a therapeutic role in supporting people on their recovery journey.”

Nivi’s calling led her to get a master’s in social work, later a position working at an inpatient behavioral health facility, and then to her current position as a clinician at CPC. Nivi works in CPC’s Addiction Recovery Support program and makes a difference everyday walking alongside those in our community who are living with substance use and mental health disorders.

“Prior to CPC, working in an inpatient setting, you typically see clients for a limited period of two to four weeks. With an outpatient program like we have in our Red Bank office, there is the tremendous opportunity to deepen therapeutic relationships over a longer period, while giving clients the space, tools, and skills they need to journey through recovery. The act of guiding and supporting a client through the process through individual and group counseling, and through our many programs such as MAT (Medicated Assisted Treatment) truly strengthens the client-clinician alliance, and ultimately improves recovery” says Nivi, as she reflects on why this career has been so rewarding.

“This model of care that we deploy at CPC, has been extremely rewarding for me, not only because I am able to offer the evidence-based programs that CPC provides, but also because I am able to do so working in collaboration with supervisors, case managers, peers, physicians, and psychiatrists. We all work in unison for the care for each individual client.” The model of care that Nivi describes is what differentiates CPC from many other recovery approaches.

Nivi recalls a conversation with a 19-year-old client who began treatment ambivalent about his intentions to stop using substances. But Nivi met this client “where he was at” and through each therapeutic conversation which involved discussions surrounding harm reduction, and treatment options, as well as equipping the client with tools, coping skills and other wrap-around community supports, the client eventually discovered so much more about himself beyond his struggles with substance use and made the decision to change.

“It’s that alliance I spoke of earlier, and helping the client realize their own journey, life traumas and circumstances that may have led to addiction, and then…. progress. Those moments when you can almost see the transformation, it comes together for the client, it makes sense, and they begin to walk that path charged with the idea that recovery is possible, that it is something that they can do - that it is in reach.”

Nivi’s never looked back. That pivot in her career set in motion a domino effect where so many members of our community are transforming their lives and starting anew. CPC gained a tremendous clinician in the process and well. And now, while we are nearing the height of tax season, Nivi’s days are still just as busy, but her focus is now where her heart resides.

We are certainly grateful to have Nivi as part of the CPC team.

For news and media inquiries:

Lynn Lucarelli

VP, Chief Development Officer


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