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A New Era for CPC

I am pleased to announce that CPC Behavioral Healthcare will now be known as CPC Integrated Health. While we have changed our name and logo to better reflect the innovative and positive things we are doing, we are still the same dependable nonprofit agency that has consistently brought high-quality services to the people who need them most in our communities.

CPC's mission is to support individuals, families, and the community in achieving whole health through an integrated system of care designed to promote well-being, recovery, and productive lives. Founded in 1960, CPC is the largest nonprofit integrated care provider in Monmouth and Northern Ocean Counties. CPC provides a safety-net of care and oversight that ensures accessible & affordable evidence-based treatment of mental health and substance use disorders, as well as special education services. With a commitment to diversity and inclusion, our services address the complex needs of underserved populations while reducing health disparities, improving outcomes, and restoring hope for individuals and families.

Adding the word "integrated" to our name is important because it helps to define the model of care that we have incorporated over several decades to better serve our communities. CPC treats the "whole-person." Whole-person health involves helping and empowering individuals, families, communities, and populations to improve their health in multiple, interconnected, biological, behavioral, social, and environmental areas. Instead of just treating specific disorders like behavioral health, the whole-person health approach focuses on restoring health, promoting resilience, and preventing diseases over the life span.

Our mission continues to strengthen our communities as we expand our continuum of services to include programs, such as CCBHC (Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic) which has enabled us to increase in capacity serving over 12,000 clients annually, and to provide a safety-net for those with the most complex needs.

In addition to our name change, we are in the process of updating our website and social media communications--please check in with us frequently, and follow us on social media. We are grateful to our Board members, supporters, community partners, volunteers, and dedicated staff who help to carry out our mission every day. Thank you for your continued support.


Vera Sansone

President & CEO

CPC Integrated Health


Please follow the link here to read our latest news & learn about upcoming events: CPC SPRING NEWSLETTER

News & media inquiries:

Lynn Lucarelli

VP, Chief Development Officer


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