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A Day of Remembering and Reflecting

CPC Hosts Memorial Dedications to Honor Late Philanthropists,

Caroline Huber, Howard and Jackie Aronson and Dr. Sharon Kowalik

On September 21, CPC Behavioral Healthcare held three memorial dedications to honor late philanthropists Caroline Huber, Howard and Jackie Aronson, and Dr. Sharon Kowalik. The events were held at CPC’s High Point School, a private, non-profit school serving students ages 5 to 21 who learn best outside of the traditional school setting.

Pictured here seated with Sam Huber is Joan Rechnitz and behind them is Shelby Leder, Cheryl Mountain, John Dias, Linda Lanni, Vera Sansone, Laura DiTommaso, Dan Burns, Todd Herman and Rick Gonzalez.

The afternoon began by paying tribute to Caroline Huber who was a remarkable humanitarian with a generous and compassionate heart who believed deeply in the mission of CPC. As Founder of The Stone Foundation, Caroline began funding the CPC Foundation over three decades ago. Her devotion to youth mental health and the empowerment of adolescent girls especially, was remembered with love and admiration at the dedication. With a nod towards Caroline’s adoration for the environment and nature, a bench inscribed with her name was dedicated in the school’s Peace Garden---a serene and comforting space where students visit frequently to reflect and unwind.

“We fondly remember Caroline for the many ways in which she genuinely cared about our youth programs, and for her belief in doing what is right for each individual child in our care,” said Vera Sansone, President and CEO of CPC Behavioral Healthcare. “We will never forget her strong compassion and belief in the importance of inclusive and accessible therapeutic mental health services for all.”

Ann Aronson and Sam Huber, Trudy Parton and Todd Hermann, Vera Sansone and Kathy Brower.

After a small luncheon, guests gathered for the unveiling of a plaque dedicating the Art Room at High Point School in memory of long time CPC volunteers Howard and Jackie Aronson. As a Board member, Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee, Howard dedicated countless volunteer hours over thirty years of service to CPC. As generous donors of CPC and regulars at the Annual Benefit and Golf Tournament, Howard and Jackie were avid supporters and brought light and love to all involved with CPC. Howard’s unique character and humorous persona was recounted by many guests in attendance.

Their daughter Ann Aronson recalled her parents’ love for CPC, the children’s program, and art. “Dedicating the Art Room would have made my parents very happy and very proud. The mission of CPC was dear to their hearts, and I thank you for this tribute to them which is so very much appreciated.”

Later in the afternoon, CPC staff, friends and former colleagues gathered to remember beloved CPC Medical Director, Dr. Sharon Kowalik. As expressed by so many in attendance, it was hard not to be drawn into Dr. K’s eccentric personality and bright spirit. Children and staff alike benefitted immensely from her incomparable intelligence and devoted care to children with behavioral, developmental, psychiatric, and substance use disorders. Dr. K’s quirky sense of humor and unique style ultimately served the children of CPC well, as she was able to break down barriers and connect whole-heartedly with each child.

A true champion for integrated health, and a hero to so many children for decades at CPC, Dr. Kowalik’s legacy is everlasting. Her famous words, “Go and do good” have been inscribed on a plaque and portraiture adjacent to her former office. Additionally, High Point School’s Peace Garden, has been named, “Dr. K’s Peace Garden” and will serve as a lasting tribute to a very special woman who left an indelible mark on countless lives.

Pictures here relay a glimpse into our beautiful gathering for Dr. Kowalik which included attendance from friends and current and former CPC employees.


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